Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cherrycherry boomboom

~w h a t a WONDERFUL c o i n c i d e n c e ~

It started with me who stole your seat which I did purposely.
and I didn't feel guilty.
(meanie me)

I actually felt that you're about to hate me.
(OK. You can hate me now)

I offered you L0t100 sweet sour.
You said thanks.
Then, you offered me yours (sweet)
But my mouth said no, thanks.

Then I realized your voice is too soft for a beautiful guy like you.
And I wondered.
Are you
gay, bi or straight?

I started a little conversation with you after I finally realized that
We were the same fish from different pond.
what a coincidence!
Little conversation expanded broadly.
You asked me this and that.
and So did I.
And we left without knowing each other's name.
ohh darn.

2 days later.

I think I saw you!
and it was YOU.
You smiled at me
I waved at you.
and you waved back at me.
and we're still not knowing each other's name.

and today.

I know your name without asking you.
He told me everything.
I just cannot believe it.
Its kinda weird.
but this is happen for real.
what a small world!
What a WONDERFUL coincidence <3

and now, I'm speechless. :)



  1. oh my god! i thot this only happens in movies! hahaha!! lucky lucky u~!!!! :D

  2. haha. tapi nang cali lah!
    bnyk kali jak coincidence org yg sama..pelek pun da juak rs.