Saturday, November 21, 2009

pics koke.

the wall.

my fav songgg ;) oh.
i used to sing this to him


our drinks.

As i promised. These are some pics taken during last outing @ kbox. hihi..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i feel loved! :)

Haha. Things are great these days. Ntah. Rasa happyy happie jak!
And Oh, I feel loved too. :D
Thanks, everyone! I LOVE YOU ALL. muah.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

kara-oh-kayyy :D (part II)

Salam and hye hye everyone!

Last Tuesday, we went to Embassy k-box @ the spring.
We were having good times together!
The boys were watching movies down there, so the 3 girls were
singing happily + L0UDly in the karaoke room.
Tuesday is a weekday and obviously, we didn't have much trouble booking the room. oyeah. thumbs up!

And, fyi. This place is fcuking AWESOME! and very affordable too :)
The price is rm8 per person-free drink-for 2 hours! Very cheap ok!
Suitable for any functions. Including refreshing drinks, great sound system and no bad odour.
The most important part is, room provided is very cozy and it creates an intimate environment for the singers like us...
Maybe, next time we should bring others too. The more the merrier, rite?

Since the wireless sucks at the moment, I'm going to upload pics later. Tatataa!!!