Monday, January 17, 2011


It's been a while.. waiting is hurting you know. I have been very good at doing nothing for more than a month now (or more than that, I guess) Waiting for this so-called "letter".

YEs, life been so easy now. With no burdens on my head- no books to check, no lesson planning, no money, not practicing any theories which have been taught for 5 and half yrs! no kk xtvts, no baju kurung, no nametags, no colleagues. no ideas for 2morows' lesson. Oh, darn.

I kinda miss my practical time, where I have to wake up early. arrive early @ school, drink a cup of hot coffee 2 start my day, being in class, talking with those cute innocent children, playing with them and everything. and yes. Now, I realise how much I miss being a TEACHER.

My life now is 24/7 on9. tv. a never-ending household chores. handphone. sms'. gayut-ing. cooking. laundry. cleaning.and you know what. I'm bored to death. plssss HIRE ME! I seriously need a job, sigh.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

love is endless

nice song!!! by mozella :)

1- for starry nights and
2- for candle lights and
3- for long walks in the sun
4- for all the laughter
5- for ever after
6- your smile is just the best.
Love is endless

Love, love love love, love love love, love love love
Love is endless
Love, love love love, love love love, love love love
Love is endless

7- you're my goodluck charm
8- for your open arms
9- for best sunday in the rain.

10- couldn't get much better
11- two once put together
12- all the joy and happiness.
Love is endless


count out loud,
all of the ways that life is good,
on different days,
how things can change
love always stays the same.

count out loud, it never ends the list goes on hit on again
forgive forget, and let your heart begin, love is endless


13- I got brand new eyes
14- everything's a surprise
15- not a day that I regret,
Love is endless.