Thursday, December 31, 2009

hello 2010.


It's a new year's eve and I've been such a lazy arse,
sitting on a couch watching the idiot box.
but hey! the movie was super great.
pizza my heart.
interesting title, isn't it? i love those lovebirds in the film.
what a sweetyloveydovey couple ;)

so l o n g g 2 o o 9 hello 2 o 1 o.

I hope things will go my way. amin!
and I want the BEST in evrything I do :)
  • Success.
  • Happiness.
  • Health.
  • Mon$yy
  • Love
( things are NOT according to my priority)

Plz.forget the past.
we were history. enough said.

1 comment:

  1. ira.. happy new year 2010. wish u all the best and more to come. yeah. final year da kan? do da best k. and semoga dpt cpai azam tahun baru.. insyaAllah~

    wa, ntah bile dpt jumpe lagi~ huhu.