Saturday, July 24, 2010

ohhhhh double chin!

I'M so damn worried bout my double chin!
Go away!

found this article on how to reduce double chin by exercising.

3 easy steps or facial exercises that will answer your problem on how to reduce double chin:

- If you are sitting, tilt your head up while looking at the ceiling. Exercise your mouth and chin by voicing out the vowel letters - A E I O U. You will then notice that the muscles in your neck are working, tightening them because of the weight of your head and at the same time, because of the pressure given while reciting those letters. Do that for about 3 minutes to 5 and you're good to go.

- In a normal head position, just open your mouth as wide as you can. Hold it for about 10-15 seconds. Then release and relax. Then repeat it again. Do it for a few times until you feel you are all set. The purpose of this is to exercise the muscle that is affected when you open and close your mouth. That will help tighten the muscle in the neck too, which will lessen the sagging of the skin under your chin.

- Lay down flat on your back with head hanging at the edge of your bed. Take a deep breath. As you release air, gradually raise your head, as if making your chin slowly touching your chest. Hold on to that position for about 10-13 seconds then slowly and gradually go back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise for around 3-5 times.

These exercises are effective and can solve your issues on how to reduce double chin. You just have to be really motivated and persistent with your goal and in a week or two, you will then be able to reduce double chin naturally.

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watch video!

Friday, July 23, 2010

adorable kiddo ;)


This is based on true story, and I just wanna share witchu guys. enjoy!

We had this small birthdayy party in the school.
All the teachers and school staffs were invited to this party.
My colleague, who celebrated her bithday decided to give a party bag filled with snacks to every students in the school.(oh, its a small school baideway).
So, she asked the class monitor to get the party bags from her and
divide it to other students in their class.

I was sitting next to the birthay teacher said to one of the class monitor.

me: Hey, can I have some?
student: eeemmmm.....heeeee (grinning)

Then, he left to his class.

Later, I was passing by his class. Suddenly, he went out and said,

student: Teacher, would you like this?
(with chips on his hand)
me: oh, no thanks. You know just now I'm just kidding...I really don't mean it. Thanks.
( shocked!)
student: hmmmm. (sigh)
me: Hey... U know what? I dont want that chips. I want the other one..
student: oh? hmmmmm.

He went back to his class with upset look on his face.

A few minutes later, I entered his class to talk to the teacher.

Surprisingly, that student called my name (again) from his seat.

student: Teacher, would you like this one? I give it to you.
(with his big smile and another chips on his hand)
me: ohh, ?
emmmmm ok.
(after a long pause)
Alright, I'll take this one. Thank you.
(still shocked! OMG. I just CAN'T SAY NO to him)

another student: teacher, would you like this one?
me: oh no, thanks.Just keep it for yourself :)

...actually, I don't want his chips or snacks or whatever,
I just want to tease him but then I was touched with his sweet-ness & kind-ness.


Monday, July 12, 2010

japanese look.

yes, He's GOT that LOOKS THAT KILL.
and he just killed me.

(source: absolute boyfriend @ zettai kareshi)
ok. this is not his real face. (the guy above is a JAPANESE actor)

I can't find one that look REALLY like him.
but I always remember his mole on the upper lips.
that friendly look.
nice smile.
and so handsome.

IS this what we called love at first sight?
idk. I think so.

Thank God. It was a beautiful coincidence.
but seriously after said hi and he waved @ me.
my heartbeats skip really fast.


Friday, July 2, 2010

hey interns.


semoga Allah SWT mempermudahkan segala urusan kita. amin.