Monday, January 17, 2011


It's been a while.. waiting is hurting you know. I have been very good at doing nothing for more than a month now (or more than that, I guess) Waiting for this so-called "letter".

YEs, life been so easy now. With no burdens on my head- no books to check, no lesson planning, no money, not practicing any theories which have been taught for 5 and half yrs! no kk xtvts, no baju kurung, no nametags, no colleagues. no ideas for 2morows' lesson. Oh, darn.

I kinda miss my practical time, where I have to wake up early. arrive early @ school, drink a cup of hot coffee 2 start my day, being in class, talking with those cute innocent children, playing with them and everything. and yes. Now, I realise how much I miss being a TEACHER.

My life now is 24/7 on9. tv. a never-ending household chores. handphone. sms'. gayut-ing. cooking. laundry. cleaning.and you know what. I'm bored to death. plssss HIRE ME! I seriously need a job, sigh.

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