Friday, November 19, 2010

thanx for the memories :)

For all my classmates, happy holiday ppl :D
I have to admit that I hate this part the most --> when it comes to say GOOD BYE.
I'm looking forward to meet u guys on our convocation day! hopefully, amin..

and for someone, I'm happy you're happy. (I really mean it) Even though you are my history, yeah it's just great to see how your life have been so much better now. Once again, I'm really happy to see how you've change to be a better person. Thx for all the memories, dude.

and..last but not least. I'm gonna miss you so much munmunnnn
Thanks for EVERYTHING! :)
I really hope that everything goes well and I'm hoping for a happy ending for both of us. aminnnn yaRabbal alamin

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