Thursday, October 7, 2010


There are few songs that currently stuck in my head which make me reminisce my old precious times,

1. Lucky- Json Mraz ft Colbie Caillat
2. Warmness on the soul- a7x
3. Love song- 311
4. oh bintang- the times (I'm not sure what is the exact title of dis song)
5. Kangen- dewa
6. Creep - radiohead
7. Love story - taylor swift
8. Only one - yelloward
9. Dan sebenarnya- yuna
10. Forever - as i lay dying

no.3 and no.7 --> both songs started with word, LOVE. darn.

There's a story behind each songs and sometimes those memories keep hunting me.
Am I the woman that can't be moved?
Am I pathetic? darn.

Things change. People change. Feelings change. It's a good thing memories never do

I move on, and I let go, but I never, ever forget.

p/s: ignore my terrible doodling :P

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