Monday, May 3, 2010

the capital M.

Recently, this M topic is getting hot. hot and hot!
since everyone is talking about it
and getting in to it.
yeah you know what i mean.
hopefully this year is full of love, happiness and joy!
and please you ppl pray for me too.
AMIN! :)

*and im thinking of wedding photographer as my part time job someday. insyAllah.
since i love to take the most precious moment :)
hope my dreams will come true! amin

1 comment:

  1. yo babe! tell me bout it! the M topic is EVERYWHERE! damn. are we gna .. too? soon? lol! ull defo find the right one soon. do not rush into it right!

    and the wedding photog thing, u can try polah testing run during my sis akad nikah kelak. that shd be nice. :D

    miss u sweetie! x