Friday, October 2, 2009

kara-oh-kayyy :D

Hye everyone!

Today, I'm having great time with a bunch of friends. Yeah. Girls day out!! Since we're living hectic days in college and the never-ending-assignments keep pissing us off, this is probably a good way for us to clear our minds from our problems and Mr and Mrs assignments (at least for few hours).

Plus, one of my bestfriend is having a hard time facing her lovesick+boysick probs. Huh. When it comes to this kind of "sick" I always feel irritate. Yeah it really annoys me. A LOT. and this make me even wonder. "Is there any good guys out there?" Please you guys come out and proof to me that NOT ALL guys are jerks. thankyu.
I think I know how she feels becos I was in the same boat back then.I feel sorry for her because she looks really pathetic at the moment. It must be hard for her..Be strong, girl. I know you can do it . You know that I'm with you :)

We're having lunch at this faymous ice kacang stall.and while we;re enjoying our food and ice kacang, suddenly there is an old man asking for money. Actually, I don't have any idea whether he is a beggar/homeless/liar/crazy man. But his sudden approach towards our table really make me shock. I am terrified. He make a sad face and stands near our table. He open up his hands for a few minutes.When he realises that no one will give him money, he leaves us. The moment he left, I feel very guilty and blaming myself for not giving him money. I don't know why I should feel this way But seriously. I do feel guilty. Because the moment he came to our table I am very scared to death because his approach is out of sudden. So what is on my mind just "he's a liar/crazy man who ask for peoplre money" and that's why I'm not giving him any. Maybe watching too much tv drama has a great influence on how I react towards him that I am sooo afraid that he will do something to us unexpectedly.. Now, I feel really bad. (-_-)" duh.

After having lunch, we decided to go to kara-oh-kayy box! oyeh. I always love singing eventho I don't have that superb voice.I just love it. And we sing almost 30 songs. and it is AWESOME! Never thought that I would spend too much pennies on singing in the karaoke box. Duh. Somehow, music really refresh us. Things happened. No regrets. I just learn. Tata.

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